It Makes Me wonder


Dear, I don’t know if this message will make you feel better, but i’ll try..firstly, you are not in the wrong , none of us you rightfully said..we just connected the dots that were provided by Richlee..they wanted to show the world that they r together and they did.otherwise they would have never shared clothes, opened twitter or did the things they did..we simply rejoice in the fact that they are together and that is fine. what I feel is the problem with ‘those in denial is that they cannot comprehend the facts themselves that Richard and Lee are showing..and the facts are coming one after the other..more so they can’t go ahead and say anything to them (because they are the protectors and are more of a fan than we’ll ever be, because we are here to out them) they go for the easy target and that is the supporters. They are venting out their anger on you..

i know that you know these facts..but don’t be bothered by what they say and be sad(it is not worth) are a beautiful person inside and out…and trust me.. only time will tell..till then let us bask in the fact that Richlee makes a wonderful couple and we are here to experience it. Have a good day. <3